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We are CHSE Certified and in full compliance with Indonesia's COVID-19 safety requirements for the hospitality industry on Bali.

The health and wellbeing of our staff, our village, and, of course, our valued guests, is of paramount importance to us, and as such we have taken all possible measures, in accordance with World Health Organization’s advisories, to ensure the safety of our guests and staff in the COVID-19 era.

As a private luxury mini-resort, we have always focused on providing our guests with privacy, serenity and safety during their stay with us; and though we have three spacious villas, and our property is large enough to comfortably accommodate our max capacity of 18 guests, we generally
ONLY rent out two of our villas at the same time and our typical daily guest numbers are 2 to 8; with the majority of our guests tending to be couples or small families. Our pre-COVID practice of self-limiting our occupancy happens to be well in-line with the social distancing needed during the COVID-19 era, and we will continue this policy of limiting villa bookings as we move forward.

We are closely monitoring the World Health Organization’s statements regarding COVID-19 and are following guidelines from them as well as those from the Centers for Disease Control of nations that have successfully managed the spread of COVID-19. Our already robust health and hygiene practices have been adapted to include these guidelines, ensuring that we are welcoming our guests and making their stay with us as safe as possible.

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